Kitten Info:

We are a member of the FIFé and Felikat.
Our kittens are born and grow up in the living room where they all daily things within a household
can get used to it, they are being hugged a lot and are only available for loving homes.
As the kittens are allowed to leave their mother (in about 16 weeks), they are twice vaccinated, completely
de-wormed and have a European passport, a contract of sale, Felikat pedigree, a move over box with several
things and a statement of health from the veterinarian.
We don’t make any promises before personal contact, so we expect that you
are coming along to have look at the kitten. We sell no kittens to homes where the kitten can walk free outside.
If there is an option on a kitten is not to say that this kitten is final forgiven, so if you are interested
in a wonderful baby, please feel free to contact us.

Option means that there is fervour for a kitten, but not promised.

Reserved means that a down payment is done and that the kitten is no longer available

Mail me

Tel. Nr 0031596623921

Buytip: Never buy a kitten without pedigree!
If there is a cat breed bred than requires both the Puss and the Stud have been tested on leukemia
(and AIDS).
Otherwise, the remote Association will not give a pedigree.
A good reason to buy a cat breed only if they have a pedigree.
Without a pedigree You can not see whether you are buying a pure-bred cat and if there
is for example inbreeding. If a breeder too many breed with a puss there will no more pedigrees
been given! When a breeder is not allowed to breed (for example by illness) then
it is possible that the breeder sneaky goes on with breeding, then these kittens will have no pedigree.
Assume that a cat breed without pedigree is no good thing.
A family tree costs a breeder only a few euro and is therefore to negligible.